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Seeley's Bay Pastoral Charge

Talent Auction - Saturday November 12, 2022

at the Seeley's Bay United Church - 5:30pm

Seeley’s Bay United Church Pastoral Charge is tapping into the abilities and creativity of its parishioners and friends to offer up talents or services for a Talent Auction to be held at the
Seeley’s Bay United Church on Saturday, November 12th.

Our talented auctioneers will be Keith Hubbard and Janice Holland.


We recommend that masks be worn while in the facility.

Doors open at 5:30pm for viewing of the items. The auction will start at 6:30pm.

Payment by e-transfer (to sbpastoralcharge@gmail.com) or cheque is preferred. 

Come out and enjoy an evening of fun, and buy the best Christmas gifts ever!

See you there!

Here are some of the items included in the auction. Many of the same or similar items are being offered again this year so if you got out-bid last year, now is your chance to try again!

Keep checking for more auction items, as they could be added to the website right up to auction day - November 12th!

For more information, please contact Monique Hartley;

email: monique.a.hartley@gmail.com

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** Most Recent (and final) update: November 12th @ 2:00pm **


Silver & Amber Necklace

This beautiful handcrafted silver and amber stone necklace and earring set , has a chain extender so you can adjust the length and the earrings are for pierced ears with Shepard hooks.

Donated by Jan Holland
Sewing Box

Wooden Sewing Box

Wooden chest with 5 lined drawers and dove tailed craftsmanship. Was made to be used as a sewing box, however the wooden spool/ knobs could easily be switched up.

Crafted by John Ross
Donated by Amanda Samms
Baby Blanket

Knitted Baby Blanket

Hand  made baby blanket 48x40. Could be used for a lap throw for an elderly loved one.

Donated by Jan Holland
Harvest Basket

Handmade Garden Harvest Basket

Full of an assortment of gardening tools and items. Awesome to gather your bounty and hose off the dirt right in the same basket.

Donated by Paul Holland
Table Runner

Table Runner

Beautiful reversible table runner, autumn colours or solid black. 48" long

Donated by Jan Holland
Water Colour

Floral Painting

Water colour painting by Joyce Fleming

Christmast Ornaments

Christmas ornaments done in traditional rug hooking
Value - $10 ea

Donated by Jane Griggs
Gladys Webb Painting

A matted painting by Gladys Webb

Local lady that just recently passed away at 103, she was always so generous donating her art work to community events and fund raisers.
Donated by Joyce Fleming
Lap Quilt
Lap Quilt

size 40" x 52"
The pattern is single irish chain.
Value $50

Created and donated by Jane Griggs

14 tonnes (1 tandem load) of  Crushed Limestone - 5/8" or 7/8"
Compactable, well-draining material ideal for driveway surface -- limited delivery area.
(May not be exactly as illustrated)

$250 value

Donated by George Tackaberry and delivered by David Sweet

David is expert at spreading this material
Coffee Gift Basket

Coffee Gift Basket

Contains 3 bags of fresh high-end single-source coffees from 3 continents and a 1 litre French Press with brewing instructions
(Not exactly as illustrated)

2 baskets will be available to be sold separately

$60 Value

Donated by John Barker
Runner and Glasses

Quilted table runner, Wine Glasses, Gift Card

 Day and Night pattern, oriental theme material, approx. 18” x 40”, together with four elegant  tall ship style etched wine glasses and a $20 LCBO gift card.

$80 value

Donated by Sherry Rogers
Fabric Napkins

Fabric Napkins

4 sets of 6 18”x18” beautiful fabric napkins to enhance your Christmas dinner table.

Made by Jane McCarthy
Fax Throw and Pillows

Faux Throws and Pillows

2 sets of cozy throws and 2 leopard print pillows made of faux fur.  One set with off white throw and one with black throw

Made by Jane McCarthy
Place Mats

Place Mats

One set of 6 and one set of 4 glittery Christmas placemats - napkins not included

Reversible - to gold print

Made by Jane McCarthy
Cat Plate

Birdwatchers Plate

Bradford exchange Nosy Neighbours Series, Wood Framed "Birdwatchers Plate"
(for the Cat lover on the Christmas List)
$50.00 Value

Donated by Barb Donaldson
Naughty/Nice Pillow

Nice Pillow

Crocheted Pillow

Crocheted Pillow. Reads "Nice" on one side, "Naughty" on the other.
Approximately 21" x 13"

Crafted and donated by Jessica Munro
Walnut Robe Hanger

Walnut Robe Hanger

Made from crotch-grain walnut with striped maple pegs. For a bedroom wall, but could be used anywhere you need a hanging peg.
Hanging hardware and instruction are included.
They are 9 1/2" h x 4" dia.

Crafted and Donated by Art Shaw
Butternuet Rob Hanger

Butternut Robe Hanger

Made from butternut with walnut pegs. For a bedroom wall, but could be used anywhere you need a hanging peg.
Hanging hardware and instruction are included. They are 9 1/2" h x 4" dia.

Crafted and donated by Art Shaw
Dinner Rolls

Mouth-watering Dinner Rolls

   3 dozen (to be sold by the dozen)

Available to take home on auction night!

(not be exactly as illustrated)

Baked by Ruby Sweet

Pontoon Cruise

Rideau Canal Boat Cruise

Rideau Canal Boat Cruise touring Cranberry and Dog Lakes.

Refreshments will be provided.

Donated by Louise Sweet

Frosty Cookies

Shortbread Cookies (1 of 4)

China christmas plate with 1 dozen shortbread cookies

Donated by Barb Donaldson
Red Snowman Cookies

Shortbread Cookies (2 of 4)

China christmas plate with 1 dozen shortbread cookies

Donated by Barb Donaldson
Santa Cookies

Shortbread Cookies (3 of 4)

China christmas plate with 1 dozen shortbread cookies

Donated by Barb Donaldson
Snowman Cookies

Shortbread Cookies (4 of 4)

China christmas plate with 1 dozen shortbread cookies

Donated by Barb Donaldson

Children's Books

 Ages 2-13
Topics include Christmas, friendship and sports 
Value $70

Donated by Bonnie and Peter Roantree
     Sticky Buns

The Ultimate Sticky Buns

2 dozen (to be sold by the half dozen)

Available on a mutually agreed upon date.

(not exactly as illustrated)

Baked by Chris Munro
Cutting Board

Cutting Board With Cheese

Cutting Board

Hockey stick cutting board, with Balderson Extra Old cheese

Donated by Barb Donaldson
Dinner For Up To Six


Prepared for you and ready to cook. Dinner will consist of APPETIZER, SOUP, SALAD,
ENTREE (Seafood Casserole) and DESSERT
All accompanied by wine and bread or rolls
(Up to 6 people)

Prepared by Kelly, Jessica and Chris Munro

Fishing Trip

Fishing trip for 4 on Gananoque Lake with professional fishing guide Bob Webster. The day will include a shore lunch. Yum!!
Water Colour Painting


16 x 20 framed watercolour, indicative of any of the many lakes in this area.

$200 Value
(Starting bid $50)

By Sherry Rogers

Fresh Green Christmas Wreath
Your entrance will say 'Merry Christmas' with Danny's artistry.
(not exactly as illustrated)

Created by Dan Roantree


Christmas Tree

Completely decorated table top 3’
Ideal for small space such as an apartment, office, nursing home.

Donated by Mary Whitney

Hand-Knit Socks

Two pairs of colourful hand-knit socks.

75% wool, 25% nylon blend

Knitted and donated by Sheila Stiles
Robbie Burns Night

A Night with Robbie Burns

Spend an evening with the poems of Burns, and share in the food and drink that inspired him!
4 single malt whiskies and haggis for the tasting and toasting of Scotland’s celebrated bard.

Hosted by Don Stiles on or near the 25th of January, whenever works best for you.
For up to 4 people.

Icicle Pickles and Bread & Butter Pickles

Made and donated by Mary Ellen Moulton
Tomato Butter and Chili Sauce

Tomato Butter and Chili Sauce

Made and donated by Mary Ellen Moulton
Pie Gift Certificate

Homemade Pie Gift Certificates

2 gift certificates (sold individually)
Each certificate entitles you to
one 9" pie or two Mini pies
Choice of Cherry, Blueberry, Apple, Raspberry, Strawberry-Rhubarb, Raisin, Mincemeat

Made and donated by Mary Ellen Moulton

Toronto Zoo Tour

Trip to Toronto Zoo
Ridgway Gift Basket

Chocolate Basket from Ridgway

(Not exactly as illustrated)

Donated by Cindy and Derek of Ridgway Confections

Christmas Cookies

3 plates of a dozen Christmas cookies
(Sold individually)

A mixture of sugar and gingerbread sugar cookies with royal icing

(1 of 3 plates shown)

Made and donated by Lindsay Munro
Hooked Purse

Hooked Purse

12” x 10” Irish Cottage pattern. Cute!

Hooked by Jane Griggs and constructed by Jane McCarthy

Cinnamon Buns by Neta

Several packages of 6 to be sold individually
Available to take home

(Not exactly as illustrated)

Donated by Neta de Vette
Bird Feed

John’s Special Mix Bird Seed

2 - 7lb bags sold individually
Mix consists of:
2 parts Willow’s mixed bird seed: black oil sunflower seed, striped sunflower seed, corn, red millet, white millet, peanuts, wheat, grit, soya oil
2 parts black oil sunflower seed
1 part safflower seed

Donated by John Barker


Brunch for up to 6 people.

Prepared and served to you by Ron Rudd at his home.
Pickles and Jam Basket

 Basket of Homemade Pickles and Jams

-icicle pickles
-beet pickles
-bread and butter
- green relish
-mixed berry jam
- rhubarb/blueberry jam

Made by Cindy Tye
Knitted Socks

 Homemade Knitted Socks

Ladies size 6

Made by Cindy Tye
Crocheted Hat

 Crochet Hat

Made by Tara Tye


Beautiful wooden creche/nativity scene, with miniature figures

Handmade by Danny Roantree
Crocheted Hat & Scarf

 Crochet Hat Scarf Set

Made by Tara Tye
Whiskey Bottle Bird Feeder

Whiskey Bottle Bird Feeder

2 bird feeders sold individually

Donated by Gary Bracken

Lap Afghan

In “Pine Trees” pattern
Approximately 40” x 44”

Knitted by Mary Anne Jackson.

Romper Jumper Suit

Smocked Romper Suit

Size 6 months to 18 months
(Starting bid $50)

Made by Eloise MacFarlane (Tom's Mom)
Children's Books

Four Books For Children

Donated by Mary Ellen Moulton

Knitted Baby Blanket

Blue/yellow baby blanket - 30" x 30"

Knitted and donated by Penny Roantree

Knitted White Baby Blanket

Baby blanket - 30" x 30"

Knitted and donated by Penny Roantree

Knitted Afghan

Large striped afghan is 40" x 60"

Knitted and donated by Penny Roantree

Computer Virus Removal

Remove Viruses, Adware, Malware, & Trojans from your Windows laptop or desktop.

Donated by Dave Munro
Decorating Kit

Cookie Decorating Kit

Donated by Mary Ellen Moulton
Toddler Books

Musical Lamb & 4 Toddler Books

Donated by Mary Ellen Moulton
Tray of Cookies

Tray of Cookies

Donated by Mary Ellen Moulton
Oatmeal Cookies

Date Filled Oatmeal Cookies

2 dozen (to be sold by the dozen)

 The delicious flavour of a date square without the mess.

Made and donated by Monique Hartley

Maple Syrup

Basket of Maple Sweetness

1x1L syrup,
250 ml maple cream,
Maple sugar,
1 doz Belgium chocolate turtle candies filled with maple cream (no nuts),
Maple popcorn and a
500 l gift barrel filled with an infused Maple syrup.
Glass barrel then becomes a tree  ornament

Total value $91.00

Donated by Marwin and Kathi Antoine and Family

Party Lite

Vintage lead crystal castle with 9 tea lite candles

Donated by Barb Donaldson
Liquor Basket

Basket of Liquid Warmth

Enjoy a hot chocolate and add a little nip in it or enjoy sipping on a liqueur just for the flavour. Includes Baileys chocolates, 2 mugs, 2 liqueur glasses, 3 flavours of hot chocolate, small bottles of Fireball, Baileys, Disaronno and Butter tart liqueurs.

(Must be legal drinking age to bid)

Donated by Monique and Larry Hartley

 Birthday and Anniversary Cards

16 cards total of 2 designs of 8 cards.

All scrapbooks and hand made by Cindy Tye
Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

Size 40 inches x44 inches

Made and Donated by Barb Kirby
Golf Cart Seat Cover

 Quilted Golf Cart Seat Cover
Or End of Bed Quilt

Size 56 inches x18 1/2 inches
Made and Donated by Barb Kirby


Donated by Stone Bridge Quilters


Rated for up to 250lbs

Donated by Thompson Electric


Handcrafted and donated by Danny Roantree


Rated for up to 150lbs

Donated by Thompson Electric
Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol Playset

Donated by Thompson Electric
Disney House

Disney Animated Holiday House

With lights and music

Donated by Thompson Electric
Harry Potter

Harry Potter Lego

The Ministry of Magic

990 Pieces

Donated by Thompson Electric
Create A Face
Create A Face Book

Use stickers to make Funny Faces

Donated by Thompson Electric
Advent Books

Advent Calendar Book Collection

Contains 24 books

Donated by Thompson Electric
American Doll

American Girl Time for a Vacation &
American Girl Truly Me Doll and School Day to Soccer Play

(To be sold separately)

Donated by Thompson Electric

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